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Premium Private Security Services & Home Security Solutions in London


Private security services and home security for clients that require specialised solutions.

In the realm of high-end living in London, security isn’t just a necessity; it’s an essential standard of luxury living. Therefore, our bespoke private security services are focused on the needs of affluent homeowners and families, providing unparalleled protection and peace of mind.

Security and protection at the highest level

Fully managed end-to-end solutions

Experienced in-house team of audited listed security specialists

Use of sophisticated and cost-effective technology and systems

Our clients benefit from the highest level private security services and solutions. Bespoke Britannia have a specialist divison offering all the elements of security such as close protection operators, residential security teams, security drivers, counter-surveillance teams, asset protection, infrastructure, logistics and the use of sophisticated security technology.

Bespoke Britannia are also heavily involved in the technical side of security including CCTV, drone security, control access, security/fire/panic alarms. In addition, a secure network can be utilised to connect all CCTV/control access points from various assets and across multiple continents to a single location that can to be manned 24/7. Furthermore, we also deliver strategic advice, intelligence-gathering operations and conduct complex, cross–border investigations, to protect our clients’ interests.

Discover more about our dedicated security division and get the highest level of security and protection.

exclusive household staffing

Industry Affiliations and Certifications: Demonstrating Excellence and Trustworthiness

Bespoke Britannia actively demonstrate our dedication to excellence through our industry affiliations and prestigious certifications. As proud members of respected security organisations and holders of esteemed certifications, we continually uphold the highest standards of professionalism and expertise. Furthermore, these affiliations and certifications not only validate our commitment to excellence but also signify our adherence to industry best practices.

Therefore, when you choose Bespoke Britannia, you’re not just selecting a security provider; you’re partnering with a trusted and reputable team that prioritises quality, reliability, and client satisfaction above all else. But, don’t just take our word for it! Visit our dedicated security website to discover how we can protect you, your family and your valuable assets.





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